Errors : Showbox for Android & How To Fix Them

From installation issues to the app hanging up in the middle of your favorite TV show, there are several frequently occurring problems with the Showbox app. These guide addresses three most common of these issues and offers a simple and quick fix in all these cases. Once you fix all errors you can watch movies for free by using showbox, its avilable for android & iPhone.

  • Installation Problems

You have successfully downloaded the Showbox apk for android but the installation process fails. There may be a few different reasons for the installation file not running on your Android device:

  • Technical parameters – Make sure your Android device meets the technical requirements for the Showbox version you are trying to install. The most recent Showbox apk installation file requires Android 4 or above, HD resolution screen, a compatible video player, and sufficient free internal memory to run. Should your device not run the installer, try downloading an older version of Showbox apk or clearing the device’s internal memory prior to the installation. If your mobile is not among supported devices, installing Showbox on it will not be possible.
  • Device’s settings – Since Showbox is not available in Google Play Store, the installation file has to be downloaded from an external source which is by default not trusted by your Android device. To fix the problem, go to Settings and under the option “Unknown Sources” toggle the button next to it to enable installation of applications from outside the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Showbox version out-dated – If your installation file does not come from a reliable source, chances are you have downloaded an out-dated version of the app. Go to the application’s official website for the most recent version of Showbox.
  • Showbox not running

One of the commonly reported problems with Showbox is the app not launching or suddenly closing down with a dialogue box “Showbox App not working” popping up on the screen. The solution to this frequent problem is a simple one:

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi of your Android device;
  • Access the Settings section in the mobile’s menu;
  • Launch the App Manager and select the Showbox application;
  • Tap on “Clear data” and “Clear cache” options;
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi of your device again and run Showbox.

In most cases, the simple procedure of clearing the app’s data and cache fixes the problem and the application runs again without problems.

  • Server not available

A dialogue window popping up on the screen and pointing to the server being unavailable usually indicates the need for updating your Showbox app. Since the application cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, it also does not update automatically like other apps when automatic updates are enabled.

To ensure your Showbox get all the new files it needs to function on a regular basis, keep checking the application’s website every now and then for new updates available. Download and install the most recent version of the app manually. The procedure is the same as
first-time installation and will fix most of the problems you might experience while using the app.