Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – The Next Generation Smartphone

Next year the smart phone’s market will be overpowered by the upcoming handset of Samsung. The most awaited and anticipated as one of the finest of all the smartphones, this product is going to launch itself in the year 2017 worldwide. One of the innovative handset devices which is definitely going to win over the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 series mobiles. The reviewers even reviewed that the forthcoming Samsung smartphone i.e. Galaxy note 8 shall be crowned as the world’s finest and best smartphone of 2017. This smartphone is expected to be launched by 21 of April, 2017. Before its commencement, the phone has already rumored the entire cell phones arena and the smartphone lovers.

Galaxy note 8 has several rumored features as against the Galaxy S7. It has been mentioned precisely about the resemblance dimensions between the two except the slim bezel design and the presence of a home button in Galaxy note 8. The both handset design has USB Type C and the vast enhancement of internal memory micro SD till 265 GB. One can also have the large display of screen in Galaxy note 8 i.e. 5.8 inch display. The Galaxy note 8 will also have advantages over the iPhone 7 and upcoming iPhone 8 relevant to wireless charging features and also wireless headphones. The Samsung note 8 enhanced with the AMOLED technology.

The upcoming smartphone has showcased the new camera technology featured in Galaxy note 8 cell phones. Latest Samsung’s smartphones have the rear camera of 5 Megapixel but it is anticipated that the forthcoming one has crossed concerned hurdle of 5 Megapixel to 12 Megapixel with the accurate device and autofocus techniques that patronage the finest capturing power and speed improvement.


  • The Galaxy note 8 has the latest Android version as against its older version like KitKat and Marshmallows. It contains most advanced Android Navgart version.
  • The browser HTML5 has the most accelerate and advancing browsing features.
  • One of the fast charging in-built battery that contains in such smartphone is the non-removable Li-On 3000. One of the noteworthy features in capturing the consumers worldwide is the wireless charging option that it encompasses.
  • The sensor feature is also remarkable having iris scanner, fingerprint and heart rate sensing techniques, it is the most eye-catching and complacent one.
  • The memory has shown increase in the storage options. The innovative device has shown the internal capacity storage of 264 GB with external up to 4 GB.
  • The camera feature is also a thriving one having the capacity of 12-megapixel camera.
  • Some of the miscellaneous displayed include, photo-video editor, document editor, S Voice comments etc. All sorts of messaging options are available from SMS to IM.
  • The Galaxy note 8 smartphones will be launched in 5 different color options.
  • The reasonable price and the innovative features available in Galaxy note 8, made it a zenith handset as compare to its competitors handset devices.